Clinical Genome Center

genome-centerRady Children’s Clinical Genome Center,  a state-of-the-art, 2,700-square-foot genomic laboratory, has the current capacity to process 1,200 genomes per year and the ability to expand to process even more genomes in the future. We can now process thousands of genomes per year and sequence a genome in a little over a day.

The lab conducts rapid whole genome sequencing (WGS) to identify disease-causing and likely disease-causing variants. WGS may find variants in on-coding regions that are not covered by exome sequencing.

Our center provides sequencing, computation, analysis and skilled clinical interpretation capabilities that support clinical diagnosis. Under a research protocol, we are currently sequencing the genomes of infants with undiagnosed conditions in the neonatal intensive care and pediatric intensive care units (NICU and PICU) at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego. Programs are also underway for the Hospital’s neuro-oncology and autism patients.

Video: Dr. David Dimmock, medical director, talks about our high quality data and expert team