Provider Education

AAP – Integrating Genetics into Your Practice

Six-Part Webinar Series

Topics include:


  • Family History in Primary Care
  • Overview of Genetic Testing and Screening
  • Genetic Red Flags in Well-Checks
  • Genetic Testing and Counseling in Primary Care
  • Co-Management and Transitions for Patients with Genetic Conditions

Time Out for Genetics Webinar Series

Time Out for Genetics is an excellent resource for providers to learn about a specific topic in 30 minutes! The webinar is recorded and presentation slides and handouts are available as well.

Topics include:

  • Integrating genetics in primary care – Why does it matter?
  • Building an accurate family history: Constructing a pedigree – An overview for primary care
  • Ordering the right tests – Genetics in primary care
  • Genetics evaluation, referrals, and more – What to do next
  • Myths of primary care providers and patients/families regarding genetics – Setting the record straight
  • Heard about genetic counseling? What does it mean for you, patients and families?
  • Genetics and coding: What the primary care provider needs to know
  • Top 10 genetics resources for pediatric primary care providers*** highly recommended
  • Genetics across the lifespan – Putting it all together
  • Epigenetics – What your patients are asking – what you need to know

Genetics Home Reference

Genetics home reference is a resource provided by the National Library of Medicine and covers a wide variety of topics from health conditions, newborn screening, precision medicine and more.

Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series (NHGRI and Suburban Hospital)

Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series educates the provider about the role of genomics in medicine. Lectures are one hour in length. Lectures from 2011-2014 are currently available.

Global Genetics and Genomics Community (G3C)

Try your hand at genomic health care simulations! The G3C website provides providers with 15 interactive cases to choose from. CNE/CME available for each case.

Current Topics in Genome Analysis 2016

Current Topics in Genome Analysis is a series of lectures covering contemporary topics in bioinformatics and genomics.

United Kingdom Genomics Education Program

The United Kingdom has online courses and educational websites to assist providers in navigating genetics and genomics in their practice.