Mission & Goals

Video: David Hale, board chair, discusses the Institute’s critical mission

The Institute’s mission is:mychart
Enabling the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cures of childhood diseases through genomic and systems medicine research.

The Institute’s overall goals are:

  1. To fulfill its mission to conduct research designed to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure childhood disease through genomics and systems medicine research.
  2. To be recognized as a leading research institute of its type in the country.
  3. To be translational in its approach and have identified targets to improve patient outcomes.
  4. To contribute to the knowledge of this field of research among healthcare providers and trainees and share data and discoveries with other researchers.
  5. To establish an educational strategy for the broader community, including parents, physicians and other caregivers in a manner that sets the standard for defining the role of personalized medicine in clinical care.