Eleanor Lehnert Schuchardt, M.D.




Rady Children's Specialists of San Diego

Medical Group / IPA


Medical School

Michigan State University


University of Colorado - The Children's Hospital


University of Colorado - The Children's Hospital

Board Certifications

Cardiology, Pediatrics




Suspected necrotising enterocolitis after surgery for CHD: an opportunity to improve practice and outcomes.
Schuchardt EL, Kaufman J, Lucas B, Tiernan K, Lujan SO, Barrett C

Simultaneous recording of pulsed-wave Doppler signals in innominate vein and transverse aortic arch: new technique to evaluate atrioventricular conduction and fetal heart rhythm.
Howley LW, Schuchardt E, Park D, Gilbert L, Gruenwald J, Cuneo BF

Tachyarrhythmia following Norwood operation: a single-center experience.
Gist KM, Schuchardt EL, Moroze MK, Kaufman J, Cruz Ed, Campbell DN, Mitchell MB, Jaggers J, Collins KK, McCanta AC

Pulmonary artery interventions after Norwood procedure: does type or position of shunt predict need for intervention?
Gist KM, Barrett CS, Graham DA, Crumback SL, Schuchardt EL, Erickson B, Jaggers J

Gel formulation containing mixed surfactant and lipids associating with carboplatin.
Woll KA, Schuchardt EJ, Willis CR, Ortengren CD, Hendricks N, Johnson M, Gaidamauskas E, Baruah B, Sostarecz AG, Worley DR, Osborne DW, Crans DC

Creative rural care.
Schuchardt ES, Allen DS

The effect of fibroblasts, vascular smooth muscle cells, and pericytes on sprout formation of endothelial cells in a fibrin gel angiogenesis system.
Nehls V, Schuchardt E, Drenckhahn D

Walking a thin line: distinguishing between research and medical practice during Operation Desert Storm.
Schuchardt EJ

Walking a thin line: distinguishing between research and medical practice during Operation Desert Storm.
Schuchardt EJ

[Instability problems of the spine in sports].
Wetz HH, Schuchardt E

Changes of the elastin compartment in the human meniscus.
Höpker WW, Angres G, Klingel K, Komitowski D, Schuchardt E

[Apophyseal avulsion fractures of the pelvis].
Klose HH, Schuchardt E

[Special indications for traction osteosynthesis].
Jäger R, Blauth W, Schuchardt E

[New surgical methods for the reconstruction of complex ligament injuries of the knee joint].
Schuchardt E, Blauth W, Jäger R

[Resection arthrodesis in the treatment of bone tumors located near the knee joint (author's transl)].
Blauth W, Schuchardt E

[A case of fatigue fracture at the border between tibial head and shaft after removal of a small corticocancellous graft (author's transl)].
Schuchardt E

[An intra-orbital meningioma of the optic fasciculus].
Lange HP, Schuchardt E

[Silicosis and progressive scleroderma. Is there an etiologic connection?].
Günther G, Schuchardt E

[Light and electron microscope observations on the taste buds of the axolotl tongue].
Fährmann W, Schuchardt E

[The epididymal epithelium of the rat following hypophysectomy and androgen substitution].
Tsolkas P, Fährmann W, Schuchardt E

[Light and electron microscopic studies on epididymis epithelium of rats before and after puberty].
Fährmann W, Schuchardt E

[The effect of diethylstilbestrol diphosphate (Honvan) on the gonads and the gonadotropine secretion of men].

[Contribution to operative therapy of strabismus].

[The structure of the testis and the regulation of its functions. (Basis for the understanding of male gonadal disorders)].

[Functional organization of nerve tissue; a working hypothesis].

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