We are experiencing higher than usual volumes at our ER. Please see the wait times here.

Health Alerts: Surge in Respiratory Viruses

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San Diego is experiencing a surge in respiratory viruses which is impacting Rady Children’s ability to provide timely care in our emergency department and urgent care centers.

We are also at the beginning of what is leading up to being a busy flu season, and it is possible we will begin to see more COVID-19 cases.

What you can do and is important to know:

    • You can manage symptoms at home.
    • Most respiratory viruses can last up to two weeks.
    • For viral illnesses without other complications, we recommend Tylenol for fever, increased fluids and rest.
    • Antibiotics are normally not prescribed for viruses and do not work against them.
    • Vaccinate yourself and your family against the flu and COVID.
    • If you or your children have a fever or symptoms of respiratory illness, please stay home from work and school.

*Children with severe illness, injuries or conditions requiring immediate treatment should continue to seek care at our emergency department.

This chart can help you determine where to go for care: https://www.rchsd.org/wait-times/what-type-of-care-does-my-child-need. You may also consider contacting your child’s primary care provider to help determine whether a trip to the emergency room is appropriate for your child.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy time.