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Cortisol, LC/MS/MS, Saliva (19897)


Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry


Hydrocortisone; Compound F

Specimen Type


Performing Lab

Quest Diagnostics San Juan Capistrano

Epic ID

Other Reference Test

Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

2-6 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

0.2-0.5 mL Saliva collected in Super SAL Universal Saliva Collection Kit

Container Type

See Below

Collection Instructions

Call lab for Super SAL Universal Saliva Collection Kit. 1. Place contents on a clean and dry surface. In preparation for the saliva collection, pool saliva in the mouth. Video instructions are available on our website at: 2. Attach the Collection Tube provided to the base of the Compression Tube firmly. Sample collection may now begin. 3. Place the tip of the pad of the Collector where saliva has pooled. The Collector may be removed from the mouth periodically to read the SVAI, but resume collection immediately afterward. 4. Collect until the appearance of the SVAI changes completely to red. The collection procedure should last approximately 1-5 minutes. 5. Place the white absorbent pad end into the Compression Tube holding the Collector in an upright and vertical position and firmly push the plunger downwards to transfer saliva from the absorbent pad into the Collection Tube. Push and hold for 30 seconds. 6. Gently remove the Collection Tube from the end of the Compression Tube and screw the lid of the Collection Tube tightly closed. 7. Label the sample with the appropriate patient information and store at refrigerated temperature for shipment. For Technical Support, contact Oasis Diagnostics at (360) 546-1563 or by e-mail to

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp: 5 Days; Refrigerated: 7 Days; Frozen: 2 Years

Rejection Criteria

Hemolysis; Any tubes other than Super SAL Universal Saliva Collection Kit

Test Volume Required

0.5 mL Saliva

Minimum Test Volume

0.2 mL Saliva

CPT Codes