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Cross Reactive Immunological Material (CRIM) Status



Specimen Type

See Collection Instructions

Performing Lab

Duke Biochemical Genetics

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Collection Information

Container Type

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Collection Instructions

Collect Monday-Thursday ONLY, no weekend delivery. Invert the tubes 8-10 times to mix anticoagulant additive with blood after draw (DO NOT SHAKE) and keep them upright at room temp.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Refrigerated: 48 Hours

Processing Instructions

Centrifuge tubes within 4 hours of collection. Re-mix the blood sample immediately prior to centrifugation by gently inverting the tube 8-10 times. Centrifuge the blood samples at room temp (18-25 C) in a horizontal rotor (swing-out head) for 30 minutes at 1800 RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force, x g). After centrifugation, mix the whitish layer of cells with yellowish plasma layer by inverting the unopened tube gently 5-10 times. Store the tubes on ice or at 2-8 C until ready to ship. The tubes must be kept cold (2-8 C with ice packs) and shipped with cold packs. Samples can NOT be frozen at any point. It is preferred that the blood samples reach Duke lab within 24 hours of blood draw. Please indicate the draw date/time and notify the lab before shipping.


Address: Biochemical Genetics Lab GSD lab section Duke Pediatric Genetics 901 Capitola Drive, Suite 6 Durham, NC 27713. Phone: (919) 684-2722 Fax: (919) 549-0709. Deeksha Bali, PHD-Lab Director Phone: (919) 684-0025 Fax: (919) 549-0445 Email: Deeksha.Bali@duke,edu. Katie Berrier, MS, CGC-Study Coordinator Phone: (919) 681-1984 Fax: (919) 970-1791 Email: