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Lab Test Dictionary

Fecal Fat, Qualitative

Specimen Type

Stool, Random

Performing Lab

RCHSD Histology

Epic ID


Lab Test Days

M-F (0800-1600)

Standard TAT

15 min

Stat TAT


Collection Information

Specimen Required

Fresh random stool

Container Type

Sterile Container

Collection Instructions

Test includes both split & neutral fats

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Test Volume Required

Marble size stool

Minimum Test Volume

1 ml random stool

Processing Instructions

Mon-Fri (0600-1400): Send specimen to Histology. After hours, weekends/holidays: Place in -70 freezer. If specimen is shared with Micro, have Micro process first then the remained of the specimen to be stored in -70 freezer for Histology. Place the fecal fat label in the sleeve located on the freezer door. REJECTION CRITERIA: Histology for Qual Fecal Fat : NONE Microbiology Tests: Timing is critical, refer to the individual test requirements

CPT Codes