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Thrombophilia Profile, Plasma and Whole Blood (AATHR)


Thrombophilia Profile; Coag; Hypercoagulability; Thrombosis; Clotting

Specimen Type

See Collection Instructions

Performing Lab

Mayo Medical Lab

Epic ID

Other Reference Test

Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

4-7 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

3-6 mL Whole Blood collected in an ACD Solution A/B (yellow-top) tube ***and*** (Six-Seven) 1.8 mL or (Four-Five) 2.7 mL Blood collected in a Sodium Citrate (light blue-top) tubes

Container Type

See Below

Collection Instructions

Whole blood collected in an EDTA (lavender-top) or Sodium Citrate (light blue-top) tube is also acceptable. Patient should not be receiving Coumadin, heparin, direct thrombin inhibitors (argatroban, dabigatran), or direct factor a inhibitors (apixaban, rivaroxaban, and edoxaban). Specimens must be drawn prior to initiation of anticoagulants and thrombolytic therapy. If patient has been recently transfused, it is best to perform this study pretransfusion, if possible. Complete a Mayo Coagulation Patient Info form and submit with specimens to lab.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp=7 Days (Unacceptable for Platelet-Poor Plasma); Refrigerated=14 Days (Unacceptable for Platelet-Poor Plasma); Frozen=14 Days

Rejection Criteria

Gross hemolysis; Gross lipemia; Gross icterus

Test Volume Required

6 mL Whole Blood ***and*** (Six) 1 mL Platelet-Poor Plasma

Minimum Test Volume

3 mL Whole Blood ***and*** (Five) 1 mL Platelet-Poor Plasma

Processing Instructions

Order in Mayolink. Mayo courier will pick-up Monday-Friday.

Included Tests

Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time, Dilute Russells Viper Venom Time, Thrombin Time (Bovine), Fibrinogen Clauss, D-Dimer, Antithrombin Activity, Protein C Activity, Protein S Antigen, Activated Protein Resistance V, Prothrombin G20210A Mutation; Antithrombin Antigen; Coag Factor V Assay; Coag Factor VII Assay; Coag Factor IX Assay; Coag Factor X Assay; Coag Factor XI Assay; Coag Factor XII Assay; Coag Factor VIIi Activity Assay; Reptilase Time; Coag Factor II Assay; Coa


Insurance authorization required prior to draw for Outpatients. Ok to send on Inpatients.

CPT Codes

85300, 85303, 85306, 85307, 85379, 85384, 85390, 85610, 85613, 85670, 85730; 85210; 85220; 85230; 85240; 85250; 85260; 85270; 85280; 85301; 85301; 85302; 85305; 85306; 85366; 85385; 85597; 85598; 85611; 85613 (x2); 85635; 85732 (Only need insurance authorization for reflex genetic cpts: 81240, 81241)