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Lab Test Dictionary

Type and Screen


TSCR, Type and Crossmatch

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Performing Lab

RCHSD Blood Bank

Epic ID


Lab Test Days

As received

Standard TAT

1-3 Hrs

Stat TAT

1 Hr

Collection Information

Specimen Required

Specimens must be double initialed by the collecting nurse, and a nurse that verifies the patient's identity against the order, specimen label and patient demographics. Specimen cannot be shared with other lab tests except BB HOLD and DIRECT COOMBS.

Container Type

Lavender (EDTA)

Collection Instructions

Must have 2 sets of initials on the label on the tube and cannot be shared with lab tests except direct coombs and BB hold.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Specimen Stability

3 Days

Rejection Criteria

Specimens collected in serum seperator tubes are unacceptable. Clotted, not double initialed, hemolyzed, shared with other lab tests (not Blood Bank) tests

Test Volume Required

See special instructions:

Minimum Test Volume

See below:For patients < 4 months of age 0.5 mL microtainer is acceptable, For patients > 4 months a

Processing Instructions

Deliver to Blood Bank

Included Tests

ABO typing, RH typing, Antibody screen (indirect coombs)

CPT Codes

86901, 86850, 86900