Anthony Magit, M.D.


Otolaryngology (ENT)


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University of California Medical Center at San Diego


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Pediatric rhinosinusitis.
Magit A

Primary surgery vs primary sclerotherapy for head and neck lymphatic malformations.
Balakrishnan K, Menezes MD, Chen BS, Magit AE, Perkins JA

Outcomes of isolated basilar skull fracture: readmission, meningitis, and cerebrospinal fluid leak.
McCutcheon BA, Orosco RK, Chang DC, Salazar FR, Talamini MA, Maturo S, Magit A

Endoscopic sinus surgery in patients with cystic fibrosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of pulmonary function.
Macdonald KI, Gipsman A, Magit A, Fandino M, Massoud E, Witterick IJ, Hong P

Respiratory distress of the newborn: congenital laryngeal atresia.
Ambrosio A, Magit A

Mandibular distraction osteogenesis in children with Pierre Robin sequence: impact on health-related quality of life.
Hong P, McNeil M, Kearns DB, Magit AE

Evaluation of an Interferon Gamma Release Assay to Detect Tuberculosis Infection in Children in San Diego, California.
Pong A, Moser KS, Park SM, Magit A, Garcia MI, Bradley JS

Impact of incision and drainage of infected thyroglossal duct cyst on recurrence after Sistrunk procedure.
Simon LM, Magit AE

Feeding and mandibular distraction osteogenesis in children with Pierre Robin sequence: a case series of functional outcomes.
Hong P, Brake MK, Cavanagh JP, Bezuhly M, Magit AE

Chronic esophageal foreign bodies and secondary mediastinitis in children.
Cole S, Kearns D, Magit A

Defining ankyloglossia: a case series of anterior and posterior tongue ties.
Hong P, Lago D, Seargeant J, Pellman L, Magit AE, Pransky SM

A practical guide to understanding systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
Neely JG, Magit AE, Rich JT, Voelker CC, Wang EW, Paniello RC, Nussenbaum B, Bradley JP

The role of tonsillectomy in reducing recurrent pharyngitis: a systematic review.
Blakley BW, Magit AE

Clinical practice guideline: cerumen impaction.
Roland PS, Smith TL, Schwartz SR, Rosenfeld RM, Ballachanda B, Earll JM, Fayad J, Harlor AD Jr, Hirsch BE, Jones SS, Krouse HJ, Magit A, Nelson C, Stutz DR, Wetmore S

Clinical and radiographic findings in children with spontaneous lymphatic malformation regression.
Perkins JA, Maniglia C, Magit A, Sidhu M, Manning SC, Chen EY

Olfactory dysfunction: a sequela of pediatric blunt head trauma.
Sandford AA, Davidson TM, Herrera N, Gilbert P, Magit AE, Haug K, Gutglass D, Murphy C

Magnetic nasal foreign bodies in a 9-year-old male: opposites attract when it comes to nasal foreign bodies.
Greenberg M, Magit A

Congenital stridor secondary to an upper airway cyst in a patient with Ellis-van Creveld syndrome.
Digoy GP, Greenberg M, Magit A

Circumferential subglottic cysts in a preterm infant.
Albright JT, Magit AE

Pediatric total tonsillectomy using coblation compared to conventional electrosurgery: a prospective, controlled single-blind study.
Stoker KE, Don DM, Kang DR, Haupert MS, Magit A, Madgy DN

Long-term follow-up of pediatric recurrent respiratory papillomatosis managed with intralesional cidofovir.
Pransky SM, Albright JT, Magit AE

Surgical strategies in the treatment of complex obstructive sleep apnoea in children.
Cohen SR, Holmes RE, Machado L, Magit A

Neonatal dermoid cyst of the floor of the mouth extending to the midline neck.
Bloom D, Carvalho D, Edmonds J, Magit A

Clinical update on 10 children treated with intralesional cidofovir injections for severe recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.
Pransky SM, Brewster DF, Magit AE, Kearns DB

Nager acrofacial dysostosis with autosomal dominant inheritance: implications for the otolaryngologist.
Battaglia A, Magit A

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