John Lamberti, M.D.


3020 Children's Way
MC 5078
San Diego, CA 92123


Cardiovascular Surgery


Rady Children's Specialists of San Diego

Medical Group / IPA

Rady Children's Specialists

Medical School

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Brigham and Women's Hospital


Brigham and Women's Hospital, Childrens Hospital Medical Center


Harvard Medical School

Board Certifications

Surgery, Thoracic Surgery




Intermediate Results of Hybrid Versus Primary Norwood Operation.
DiBardino DJ, Gomez-Arostegui J, Kemp A, Raviendran R, Hegde S, Devaney EJ, Lamberti JJ, El-Said H

Transcatheter stenting of the systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt: A 7-year experience from a single tertiary center.
Vaughn GR, Moore JW, Mallula KK, Lamberti JJ, El-Said HG

Comparison of ductal stenting versus surgical shunts for palliation of patients with pulmonary atresia and intact ventricular septum.
Mallula K, Vaughn G, El-Said H, Lamberti JJ, Moore JW

Further insight into a rare pathology: differential aspects of left ventricular diverticulum.
DiBardino DJ, Hegde S, Lamberti JJ

Long-term follow-up shows excellent transmural atrial lead performance in patients with complex congenital heart disease.
Williams MR, Shepard SM, Boramanand NK, Lamberti JJ, Perry JC

Transverse aortic arch to descending aorta ratio: a new echocardiographic parameter for management of coarctation of the aorta in the infant.
Rao RP, Connolly D, Lamberti JJ, Fripp R, El Said H

Aortic arch obstruction after the Norwood procedure for hypoplastic left-heart syndrome is it inevitable? Is it preventable?
Lamberti JJ

Can randomized clinical trials impact the surgical approach for hypoplastic left heart syndrome?
Tabbutt S, Goldberg C, Ohye RG, Morell VO, Hanley FL, Lamberti JJ, Jacobs ML, Jacobs JP

QTc prolongation in children following congenital cardiac disease surgery.
Punn R, Lamberti JJ, Balise RR, Seslar SP

Surgical approaches to epicardial pacemaker placement: does pocket location affect lead survival?
Lichtenstein BJ, Bichell DP, Connolly DM, Lamberti JJ, Shepard SM, Seslar SP

An epicardial pacing safety net: an alternative technique for pacing in the young.
Ceresnak SR, Liberman L, Chen JM, Hordof AJ, Lamberti JJ, Bonney WJ, Pass RH

Outcome analysis for a small, start-up congenital heart surgery program.
Mainwaring RD, Reddy VM, Reinhartz O, Lamberti JJ, Jacobson JG, Jimenez DL, Hanley FL

Endothelial expression of bone morphogenetic protein receptor type 1a is required for atrioventricular valve formation.
Kaneko K, Li X, Zhang X, Lamberti JJ, Jamieson SW, Thistlethwaite PA

Mitral/systemic atrioventricular valve repair in congenital heart disease.
Lamberti JJ, Kriett JM

The extracardiac conduit Fontan operation using minimal approach extracorporeal circulation: early and midterm outcomes.
Petrossian E, Reddy VM, Collins KK, Culbertson CB, MacDonald MJ, Lamberti JJ, Reinhartz O, Mainwaring RD, Francis PD, Malhotra SP, Gremmels DB, Suleman S, Hanley FL

Homograft valved right ventricle to pulmonary artery conduit as a modification of the Norwood procedure.
Reinhartz O, Reddy VM, Petrossian E, MacDonald M, Lamberti JJ, Roth SJ, Wright GE, Perry SB, Suleman S, Hanley FL

Angiojet catheter-based thrombectomy in a neonate with postoperative pulmonary embolism.
Feldman JP, Feinstein JA, Lamberti JJ, Perry SB

Late left pulmonary artery stenosis after the Norwood procedure is prevented by a modification in shunt construction.
Bichell DP, Lamberti JJ, Pelletier GJ, Hoecker C, Cocalis MW, Ing FF, Jensen RA

An isolated left common carotid artery from the main pulmonary artery: possible malseptation of the truncoaortic sac.
Kaushik N, Saba Z, Rosenfeld H, Patel HT, Martin K, Reinhartz O, Lamberti JJ

Effectiveness of prostaglandin E1 in relieving obstruction in coarctation of the aorta without opening the ductus arteriosus.
Liberman L, Gersony WM, Flynn PA, Lamberti JJ, Cooper RS, Stare TJ

Usefulness of pulsatile bidirectional cavopulmonary shunt in high-risk Fontan patients.
Mainwaring RD, Lamberti JJ

Congenital aortic stenosis: is repair an option?
Lamberti JJ

Congenital Heart Surgery Nomenclature and Database Project: mitral valve disease.
Mitruka SN, Lamberti JJ

The real fate of pulmonary arteries after bidirectional superior cavopulmonary anastomosis: is there a real need for concern?
Mainwaring RD, Lamberti JJ

Effect of accessory pulmonary blood flow on survival after the bidirectional Glenn procedure.
Mainwaring RD, Lamberti JJ, Uzark K, Spicer RL, Cocalis MW, Moore JW

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