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Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Neurology, Pediatrics




Dr. Doris Trauner is a pediatric neurologist and specialist in neurodevelopmental disabilities at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego as well as a distinguished professor of neurosciences and pediatrics at UC San Diego.

After earning her medical degree at the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Trauner completed an internship and a residency at UC San Diego, followed by a fellowship at the University of Chicago. Widely recognized and respected for her academic leadership, Dr. Trauner has held a joint appointment in the UC San Diego Neurosciences and Pediatrics Departments since 1977 and served as the chief of pediatric neurology from 1981 to 2015. She has served on numerous national and local committees, including the UC San Diego Committee on Academic Personnel and the Rady Children's Medical Staff Executive Committee. She teaches undergraduate and graduate students in addition to medical students and residents.

Dr. Trauner's research focuses on the cognitive consequences of conditions that alter brain development early in life, including both structural and metabolic disorders. She studies children with neurodevelopmental, genetic and metabolic disorders. She has over 190 publications including research articles and book chapters, as well as two books.

Dr. Trauner also maintains an active clinical practice in pediatric neurology, with clinical interests encompassing the entire spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, language impairment, developmental delay, neurobehavioral disorders and epileptic behavior syndromes, specializing in the latter two. She is board certified in pediatrics, child neurology and neurodevelopmental diseases.


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