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Dr. Elina Kari is a leading otology, neurotology, and skull base surgeon with a focus on pediatric hearing loss treatment and research. After completing her undergraduate education at UC Berkeley, she spent several months researching malaria in the Peruvian Amazon. Her deep commitment to service and education led her to a career as a physician.

After completing medical school at the University of Michigan, Dr. Kari's passion for problem solving and anatomy further led her to a career as an otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon. Dr. Kari completed her residency training in surgery at Emory University, followed by a neurotology fellowship at the world-renowned House Ear Institute, where she trained with premier surgical expert Dr. Derald Brackmann. Prior to coming to UC San Diego, she was the principal surgeon of the pediatric cochlear implant program at Keck University of Southern California and Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, one of the busiest centers in the country for pediatric hearing loss. She was also the lead neurotologist at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and performed several complex neurotologic surgeries on children as young as 7 months.

Dr. Kari is particularly interested in hearing disorders, hearing restoration surgery, pediatric hearing loss, development of novel neuroimaging of auditory pathways and clinical outcomes research. She also has a particular interest in children with cochlear malformations and abnormalities of the hearing and balance nerves and how these impact cochlear implant outcomes. She is widely published, has presented her research at several national and international conferences, and has been an invited speaker around the world.

Dr. Kari holds passports from the US, Brazil, and Finland and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently.


Front-line and second-line treatment for mantle cell lymphoma in clinical practice: A multicenter retrospective analysis.
Harmanen M, Sorigue M, Khan M, Prusila R, Klaavuniemi T, Kari E, Jantunen E, Sunela K, Rajamäki A, Alanne E, Kuitunen H, Jukkola A, Sancho JM, Kuittinen O, Rönkä A

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Exploring Factors Responsible for Delay in Pediatric Cochlear Implantation.
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Trend correlations for coastal eutrophication and its main local and whole-sea drivers - Application to the Baltic Sea.
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Successful treatment of highly recurrent facial baroparesis in a frequent high-altitude traveler: a case report.
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Thioredoxin-1 as a biological predictive marker for selecting diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients for etoposide-containing treatment.
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Abnormal cochleovestibular anatomy and imaging: Lack of consistency across quality of images, sequences obtained, and official reports.
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Genes Implicated in Rare Congenital Inner Ear and Cochleovestibular Nerve Malformations.
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A de novo SIX1 variant in a patient with a rare nonsyndromic cochleovestibular nerve abnormality, cochlear hypoplasia, and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
Kari E, Llaci L, Go JL, Naymik M, Knowles JA, Leal SM, Rangasamy S, Huentelman MJ, Friedman RA, Schrauwen I

Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Healthy and Aphid-Stressed Scots Pine Emissions.
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Standardization of the Punch Technique for the Implantation of Bone Anchored Auditory Devices: Evaluation of the MIPS Surgical Set.
Kim HHS, Kari E, Copeland BJ, Moore GF, Shaia WT, Cosetti MK, Wazen JJ, Wanna GB, Chang CJ

Nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factors 1 and 2 are able to define the worst prognosis group among high-risk diffuse large B cell lymphomas treated with R-CHOEP.
Kari E, Teppo HR, Haapasaari KM, Kuusisto MEL, Lemma A, Karihtala P, Pirinen R, Soini Y, Jantunen E, Turpeenniemi-Hujanen T, Kuittinen O

De novo variants in GREB1L are associated with non-syndromic inner ear malformations and deafness.
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Prevalence of Hearing Loss and Hearing Care Use Among Asian Americans: A Nationally Representative Sample.
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Abnormal Cochleovestibular Anatomy and Hearing Outcomes: Pediatric Patients with a Questionable Cochleovestibular Nerve Status May Benefit from Cochlear Implantation and/or Hearing Aids.
Kari E, Go JL, Loggins J, Emmanuel N, Fisher LM

Recognizing malleus fracture in a woman with a head injury after a fall.
Choi JS, Tu N, Go JL, Kari E

Compound heterozygous mutations in MASP1 in a deaf child with absent cochlear nerves.
Kari E, Schrauwen I, Llaci L, Fisher LM, Go JL, Naymik M, Knowles JA, Huentelman MJ, Friedman RA

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Effect of Pellet Boiler Exhaust on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from α-Pinene.
Kari E, Hao L, Yli-Pirilä P, Leskinen A, Kortelainen M, Grigonyte J, Worsnop DR, Jokiniemi J, Sippula O, Faiola CL, Virtanen A

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