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Genomic sequencing has a high diagnostic yield in children with congenital anomalies of the heart and urinary system.
Allred ET, Perens EA, Coufal NG, Sanford Kobayashi E, Kingsmore SF, Dimmock DP

Activin A Signaling Provides an Interorgan Link Between Kidney and Muscle in CKD-Associated Muscle Wasting.
Perens EA, Hoffman HM, Mak RH

osr1 couples intermediate mesoderm cell fate with temporal dynamics of vessel progenitor cell differentiation.
Perens EA, Diaz JT, Quesnel A, Askary A, Crump JG, Yelon D

A Leptin Receptor Antagonist Attenuates Adipose Tissue Browning and Muscle Wasting in Infantile Nephropathic Cystinosis-Associated Cachexia.
Gonzalez A, Cheung WW, Perens EA, Oliveira EA, Gertler A, Mak RH

IGDB-2, an Ig/FNIII protein, binds the ion channel LGC-34 and controls sensory compartment morphogenesis in C. elegans.
Wang W, Perens EA, Oikonomou G, Wallace SW, Lu Y, Shaham S

Hand2 inhibits kidney specification while promoting vein formation within the posterior mesoderm.
Perens EA, Garavito-Aguilar ZV, Guio-Vega GP, Peña KT, Schindler YL, Yelon D

Some, but not all, retromer components promote morphogenesis of C. elegans sensory compartments.
Oikonomou G, Perens EA, Lu Y, Shaham S

Opposing activities of LIT-1/NLK and DAF-6/patched-related direct sensory compartment morphogenesis in C. elegans.
Oikonomou G, Perens EA, Lu Y, Watanabe S, Jorgensen EM, Shaham S

C. elegans daf-6 encodes a patched-related protein required for lumen formation.
Perens EA, Shaham S

Functional genomics of the cilium, a sensory organelle.
Blacque OE, Perens EA, Boroevich KA, Inglis PN, Li C, Warner A, Khattra J, Holt RA, Ou G, Mah AK, McKay SJ, Huang P, Swoboda P, Jones SJ, Marra MA, Baillie DL, Moerman DG, Shaham S, Leroux MR

Universal GFP reporter for the study of vascular development.
Motoike T, Loughna S, Perens E, Roman BL, Liao W, Chau TC, Richardson CD, Kawate T, Kuno J, Weinstein BM, Stainier DY, Sato TN

A C. elegans Ror receptor tyrosine kinase regulates cell motility and asymmetric cell division.
Forrester WC, Dell M, Perens E, Garriga G

Identification of Caenorhabditis elegans genes required for neuronal differentiation and migration.
Forrester WC, Perens E, Zallen JA, Garriga G

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