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Dr. Jeffrey Gold is director of neonatal neurology at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and an associate professor of neurosciences and pediatrics, epilepsy and neurophysiology at UC San Diego.

Dr. Gold grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and earned his undergraduate degree in neurosciences from UC Los Angeles. He attended UC San Diego for his medical and graduate studies. His Ph.D. thesis, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Larry Squire, was titled "The Functional Neuroanatomy of Human Declarative Memory." He completed his residency in child neurology and his fellowship in clinical neurophysiology at UC San Diego and Rady Children's.

Dr. Gold specializes in the treatment of children with epilepsy. He is the interim director of the NeuroNICU service at UC San Diego and Rady Children's, where he sees newborns with neurologic disease. He is also a co-director of the Mind Brain Behavior course for the UC San Diego School of Medicine and runs the journal club for the UC San Diego neurology residents.


Does the first hour of continuous electroencephalography predict neonatal seizures?
Macdonald-Laurs E, Sharpe C, Nespeca M, Rismanchi N, Gold JJ, Kuperman R, Wang S, Lee NMD, Michelson DJ, Haas R, Reed P, Davis SL

Levetiracetam Versus Phenobarbital for Neonatal Seizures: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
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Rapid Whole Genome Sequencing Has Clinical Utility in Children in the PICU.
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Rapid whole-genome sequencing decreases infant morbidity and cost of hospitalization.
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Neurological Outcomes After Presumed Childhood Encephalitis.
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Epilepsy After Resolution of Presumed Childhood Encephalitis.
Rismanchi N, Gold JJ, Sattar S, Glaser CA, Sheriff H, Proudfoot J, Mower A, Crawford JR, Nespeca M, Wang SG

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The role of continuous electroencephalography in childhood encephalitis.
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Hippocampal volume and memory performance in children with perinatal stroke.
Gold JJ, Trauner DA

Simultaneous Moyamoya disease and cervical spinal cord low-grade astrocytoma in a child with neurofibromatosis type 1.
Gold JJ, Dory CE, Levy ML, Crawford JR

Giant plexiform neurofibroma causing asymptomatic cervical spinal cord compression in a child with neurofibromatosis type 1.
Gold JJ, Levy ML, Crawford JR

The anatomy of amnesia: neurohistological analysis of three new cases.
Gold JJ, Squire LR

Single-item memory, associative memory, and the human hippocampus.
Gold JJ, Hopkins RO, Squire LR

Item memory, source memory, and the medial temporal lobe: concordant findings from fMRI and memory-impaired patients.
Gold JJ, Smith CN, Bayley PJ, Shrager Y, Brewer JB, Stark CE, Hopkins RO, Squire LR

Intact visual perception in memory-impaired patients with medial temporal lobe lesions.
Shrager Y, Gold JJ, Hopkins RO, Squire LR

The neuroanatomy of remote memory.
Bayley PJ, Gold JJ, Hopkins RO, Squire LR

Quantifying medial temporal lobe damage in memory-impaired patients.
Gold JJ, Squire LR

Impaired visual and odor recognition memory span in patients with hippocampal lesions.
Levy DA, Manns JR, Hopkins RO, Gold JJ, Broadbent NJ, Squire LR

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