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Dr. Jun Mo is an associate pathologist in the Pathology Department at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and a clinical professor of health sciences at UC San Diego.

Dr. Mo graduated from Zhejiang Medical University with a medical degree and a Master's of Medicine in Public Health. She completed residencies in pathology at UC Los Angeles and Cincinnati University before continuing her medical education with a pediatric pathology fellowship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Specializing in pediatric pathology and hematopathology, she is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology as well as pediatric pathology.

Dr. Mo's research interests include hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, pediatric hematologic malignancy and pediatric vascular disease.


Overexpression of mitochondrial histidyl-tRNA synthetase restores mitochondrial dysfunction caused by a deafness-associated tRNA(His) mutation.
Gong S, Wang X, Meng F, Cui L, Yi Q, Zhao Q, Cang X, Cai Z, Mo JQ, Liang Y, Guan MX

Contribution of a mitochondrial tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase mutation to the phenotypic expression of the deafness-associated tRNA(Ser(UCN)) 7511A>G mutation.
Fan W, Zheng J, Kong W, Cui L, Aishanjiang M, Yi Q, Wang M, Cang X, Tang X, Chen Y, Mo JQ, Sondheimer N, Ge W, Guan MX

Contribution of mitochondrial ND1 3394T>C mutation to the phenotypic manifestation of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy.
Ji Y, Zhang J, Yu J, Wang Y, Lu Y, Liang M, Li Q, Jin X, Wei Y, Meng F, Gao Y, Cang X, Tong Y, Liu X, Zhang M, Jiang P, Zhu T, Mo JQ, Huang T, Jiang P, Guan MX

MLL rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukaemia presenting as a maxillary sinus mass with a discordant immunophenotypic profile from the bone marrow.
Wang YM, Mo JQ, Kuo DJ, Wong V

Development of Human-Derived Cell Culture Lines for Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis.
Attra J, Hsieh LE, Luo L, Mo JQ, Brigger M, Liu YT, Pransky S

Contribution of the tRNA(Ile) 4317A→G mutation to the phenotypic manifestation of the deafness-associated mitochondrial 12S rRNA 1555A→G mutation.
Meng F, He Z, Tang X, Zheng J, Jin X, Zhu Y, Ren X, Zhou M, Wang M, Gong S, Mo JQ, Shu Q, Guan MX

Acute brainstem haemorrhage as a presenting feature of high-grade glioma.
Aghajan Y, Levy ML, Mo JQ, Crawford JR

Mitochondrial tRNA mutations in 2070 Chinese Han subjects with hypertension.
Xue L, Wang M, Li H, Wang H, Jiang F, Hou L, Geng J, Lin Z, Peng Y, Zhou H, Yu H, Jiang P, Mo JQ, Guan MX

The exome sequencing identified the mutation in YARS2 encoding the mitochondrial tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase as a nuclear modifier for the phenotypic manifestation of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy-associated mitochondrial DNA mutation.
Jiang P, Jin X, Peng Y, Wang M, Liu H, Liu X, Zhang Z, Ji Y, Zhang J, Liang M, Zhao F, Sun YH, Zhang M, Zhou X, Chen Y, Mo JQ, Huang T, Qu J, Guan MX

Successful Treatment of Disseminated Adenovirus Infection in an Infant With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Alcamo AM, Pinchasik DE, Mo JQ, Grimley MS, O'Brien MM

Maternally inherited diabetes is associated with a homoplasmic T10003C mutation in the mitochondrial tRNA(Gly) gene.
Liu H, Li R, Li W, Wang M, Ji J, Zheng J, Mao Z, Mo JQ, Jiang P, Lu J, Guan MX

Iron-refractory microcytic anemia as the presenting feature of unicentric Castleman disease in children.
Chandrakasan S, Bakeer N, Mo JQ, Cost C, Quinn CT

Frequency and spectrum of mitochondrial ND6 mutations in 1218 Han Chinese subjects with Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy.
Liang M, Jiang P, Li F, Zhang J, Ji Y, He Y, Xu M, Zhu J, Meng X, Zhao F, Tong Y, Liu X, Sun Y, Zhou X, Mo JQ, Qu J, Guan MX

Mitochondrial tRNA variants in Chinese subjects with coronary heart disease.
Qin Y, Xue L, Jiang P, Xu M, He Y, Shi S, Huang Y, He J, Mo JQ, Guan MX

Mitochondrial haplotypes may modulate the phenotypic manifestation of the LHON-associated m.14484T>C (MT-ND6) mutation in Chinese families.
Zhang J, Zhao F, Fu Q, Liang M, Tong Y, Liu X, Lin B, Mi H, Zhang M, Wei QP, Xue L, Jiang P, Zhou X, Mo JQ, Huang T, Qu J, Guan MX

Medullary thyroid cancer in a 9-week-old infant with familial MEN 2B: Implications for timing of prophylactic thyroidectomy.
Shankar RK, Rutter MJ, Chernausek SD, Samuels PJ, Mo JQ, Rutter MM

Mitochondrial tRNA mutations are associated with maternally inherited hypertension in two Han Chinese pedigrees.
Qiu Q, Li R, Jiang P, Xue L, Lu Y, Song Y, Han J, Lu Z, Zhi S, Mo JQ, Guan MX

Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy is associated with the T3866C mutation in mitochondrial ND1 gene in three Han Chinese Families.
Zhou X, Qian Y, Zhang J, Tong Y, Jiang P, Liang M, Dai X, Zhou H, Zhao F, Ji Y, Mo JQ, Qu J, Guan MX

The 12S rRNA A1555G mutation in the mitochondrial haplogroup D5a is responsible for maternally inherited hypertension and hearing loss in two Chinese pedigrees.
Chen H, Zheng J, Xue L, Meng Y, Wang Y, Zheng B, Fang F, Shi S, Qiu Q, Jiang P, Lu Z, Mo JQ, Lu J, Guan MX

The tRNAMet 4435A>G mutation in the mitochondrial haplogroup G2a1 is responsible for maternally inherited hypertension in a Chinese pedigree.
Lu Z, Chen H, Meng Y, Wang Y, Xue L, Zhi S, Qiu Q, Yang L, Mo JQ, Guan MX

Maternally transmitted late-onset non-syndromic deafness is associated with the novel heteroplasmic T12201C mutation in the mitochondrial tRNAHis gene.
Yan X, Wang X, Wang Z, Sun S, Chen G, He Y, Mo JQ, Li R, Jiang P, Lin Q, Sun M, Li W, Bai Y, Zhang J, Zhu Y, Lu J, Yan Q, Li H, Guan MX

Maternally inherited essential hypertension is associated with the novel 4263A>G mutation in the mitochondrial tRNAIle gene in a large Han Chinese family.
Wang S, Li R, Fettermann A, Li Z, Qian Y, Liu Y, Wang X, Zhou A, Mo JQ, Yang L, Jiang P, Taschner A, Rossmanith W, Guan MX

Targeted overexpression of vav3 oncogene in prostatic epithelium induces nonbacterial prostatitis and prostate cancer.
Liu Y, Mo JQ, Hu Q, Boivin G, Levin L, Lu S, Yang D, Dong Z, Lu S

Vav3 oncogene activates estrogen receptor and its overexpression may be involved in human breast cancer.
Lee K, Liu Y, Mo JQ, Zhang J, Dong Z, Lu S

The mitochondrial tRNA(Thr) A15951G mutation may influence the phenotypic expression of the LHON-associated ND4 G11778A mutation in a Chinese family.
Li R, Qu J, Zhou X, Tong Y, Hu Y, Qian Y, Lu F, Mo JQ, West CE, Guan MX

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