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Dr. Kathryn Pade grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

She completed both her pediatric residency and pediatric emergency medicine fellowship at Children?s Hospital Los Angeles. She then completed an emergency medicine ultrasound fellowship at Stanford University.

She loves traveling the world, stand-up paddle boarding, and playing basketball and flag football.


Creation and Validation of a Novel 3-Dimensional Pediatric Hip Ultrasound Model.
Nichols FR, Ryan JR, Skinner JA, Morris JM, Nguyen MT, Ekpenyong A, Pade KH

Reducing Time from Pediatric Emergency Department Arrival to Dexamethasone Administration in Wheezing Patients.
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Point-of-Care Ultrasound, an Unexpected Cardiac Mass in a Neonate.
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Establishing the international research priorities for pediatric emergency medicine point-of-care ultrasound: A modified Delphi study.
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Point-of-Care Ultrasound Assessment of Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma in a Pediatric Patient.
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Children with under-diagnosed asthma presenting to a pediatric emergency department.
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Development of a Consensus-Based Definition of Focused Assessment With Sonography for Trauma in Children.
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Use of a validated asthma questionnaire to increase inhaled corticosteroid prescribing in the pediatric emergency department.
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A cadaveric model for transesophageal echocardiography transducer placement training: A pilot study.
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The Efficacy of a Brief Educational Training Session in Point-of-Care Pediatric Hip Ultrasound.
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Diagnostic Accuracy of Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Intussusception: A Multicenter, Noninferiority Study of Paired Diagnostic Tests.
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Parental perception of a picture-based chronic asthma care management tool in an urban pediatric emergency department.
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Male With Leg Pain.
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A 6-Month-Old With Left Chest Protrusion.
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Points & Pearls: Neonatal resuscitation in the emergency department.
Pade KH

Points & Pearls: management of pediatric head and neck infections in the emergency department.
Pade KH

Points & Pearls: Mechanical Ventilation of Pediatric Patients in the Emergency Department.
Pade KH

Case 4: 1 Month of Constipation and Abdominal Pain in a 2-year-old Girl.
Pade KH, Waterhouse MR

Points & Pearls: Emergency department management of patients with failure to thrive.
Pade KH

Asthma specialist care preferences among parents of children receiving emergency department care for asthma.
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Points & Pearls: Emergency department management of rash and fever in the pediatric patient.
Pade KH

Points & Pearls: Pediatric stroke: diagnosis and management in the emergency department.
Pade KH

Predictors of prior asthma specialist care among pediatric patients seen in the emergency department for asthma.
Agnihotri NT, Pade KH, Vangala S, Thompson LR, Wang VJ, Okelo SO

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