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Dr. Sanjeet Hegde is a pediatric cardiologist at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego. He is the medical director of cardiac MRI, co-director of research at the Heart Institute, program director of the 3D Innovations Lab and an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego of Medicine.

Dr. Hegde graduated from JIPMER, a premier medical institution in India. He did his pediatric training in the UK, which led to a Membership of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH degree), London, UK. He then completed a research fellowship in pediatric cardiology/cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at Guy's, Kings and St. Thomas' Hospital, London, UK, and earned a doctoral degree from the University of London for his dissertation, titled "Magnetic resonance guided catheter tracking and cardiac intervention." Dr. Hegde then moved to the U.S. and completed a pediatric residency at University of Massachusetts and a pediatric cardiology fellowship at UC San Diego.

He specializes in cardiovascular MRI and echocardiography and is interested in MRI guidance of cardiac catheterization in children.

Dr. Hegde's research interests include in-vitro measurement of the safety of devices for interventional MRI, development of catheters and in-vitro testing of their suitability for interventional MRI, device implantation under XMR, catheter tracking under MRI, and image guidance of cardiac interventions. He was part of the research team in London that performed the world's first radiation-free MRI-guided cardiac catheterization in children.

In collaboration with the UC San Diego Bioengineering Department, he is investigating cardiovascular flow dynamics, ventricular electro-mechanics and ventricular remodeling. Notably, the team is developing a unique web-accessible database of congenital heart disease models as part of the National Institutes of Health-funded (R01) Cardiac Atlas Project. He is actively involved in the cutting-edge basic and clinical research to provide innovative 3D models for complex surgeries or interventions.

Dr. Hegde has authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and textbook chapters related to his research.

He is actively engaged in teaching medical students, nursing staff, residents and fellows. Outside of work, he enjoys swimming, hiking and traveling with his wife and son.


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Reply: Cardiac perforation by atrial septal defect closure devices: a potentially catastrophic and still unclear event.
Hegde S, Moore J

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