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A Comparative Study of Laparoscopic versus Open Management of Index Small Bowel Obstruction in Children.
Patwardhan UM, Floan GM, Calvo RY, Acker SN, Choi PM, Prieto JM, Bansal V, Sise MJ, Thangarajah H, Fairbanks TJ, Lazar DA, Ignacio RC

Trends in Management of Index Adhesive Small Bowel Obstruction in Children.
Patwardhan UM, Floan GM, Calvo RY, Acker SN, Prieto JM, Thangarajah H, Bansal V, Sise MJ, Fairbanks TJ, Lazar DA, Ignacio RC

The First Two Years of the Association of Pediatric Surgery Training Program Directors (APSTPD) Transition to Fellowship Course: Lessons Learned and Future Directions.
Krishnaswami S, Polites SF, Dekany G, Gaines BA, Nwomeh BC, Huang EY, Finck CM, Lopushinsky SR, Puligandla PS, Feliz A, Mak GZ, Anderson SA, Fairbanks T, Alaish SM

Ovarian volume ratio is a reliable predictor of ovarian torsion in girls without an adnexal mass.
Hartman SJ, Prieto JM, Naheedy JH, Ignacio RC, Bickler SW, Kling KM, Saenz NC, Fairbanks TJ, Lazar DA

Patient-oriented online resources in pediatric surgery: Are we failing the readability test?
Prieto JM, West-Santos C, Montgomery AS, Patwardhan U, Lazar DA, Thangarajah H, Bickler SW, Huang EY, Fairbanks TJ, Ignacio RC

Trephination versus wide excision for the treatment of pediatric pilonidal disease.
Prieto JM, Checchi KD, Kling KM, Ignacio RC, Bickler SW, Saenz NC, Fairbanks TJ, Nicholson SI, Lazar DA

Premenarchal patients present differently: A twist on the typical patient presenting with ovarian torsion.
Prieto JM, Kling KM, Ignacio RC, Bickler SW, Fairbanks TJ, Saenz NC, Nicholson SI, Lazar DA

Plasma D-dimer safely reduces unnecessary CT scans obtained in the evaluation of pediatric head trauma.
Langness S, Ward E, Halbach J, Lizardo R, Davenport K, Bickler S, Kling K, Thangarajah H, Grabowski J, Fairbanks T

Preemptive Ladd Procedure in congenital diaphragmatic hernia and Abdominal Wall defects does not reduce the risk of future volvulus.
Ward EP, Wang A, Thangarajah H, Lazar D, Bickler S, Fairbanks T, Kling KM

Low Infection-Related Re-Admission Rates in a Retrospective of 4725 Children with Appendicitis Using a Clinical Pathway in a Tertiary Care Pediatric Center.
Marino NE, Davenport K, Hilfiker M, Langness S, Fairbanks T, Stucky Fisher E, Newbury R, Andrews A, Wells A, Chaparro JD, Bradley JS

Gallbladder Polyps in Children: A Painful Inflammatory Process.
Halbach J, Ward E, Langness S, Davenport K, Bickler SW, Fairbanks T, Kling K

Combined liver transplant and pancreaticoduodenectomy for inflammatory hilar myofibroblastic tumor: Case report and review of the literature.
Berumen J, McCarty P, Mo J, Newton K, Fairbanks T, Mekeel K, Hemming A

Ketorolac does not reduce effectiveness of pleurodesis in pediatric patients with spontaneous pneumothorax.
Lizardo RE, Langness S, Davenport KP, Kling K, Fairbanks T, Bickler SW, Grabowski J

Congenital-infantile fibrosarcoma presenting as a hemangioma: a case report.
Kanack M, Collins J, Fairbanks TJ, Gosman A

Initial use of LESS for the ACE Malone procedure in children.
Chiang G, Fairbanks T

Early experience with single-incision thoracoscopic surgery in the pediatric population.
Prasad R, Arthur LG, Timmapuri SJ, Schwartz MZ, Fairbanks TJ, Mendelson KG, Thatch K, Moront ML

Early experience with laparoendoscopic single-site surgery in the pediatric urology patient population.
Marietti S, DeCambre M, Fairbanks T, Kling K, Chiang G

Sternal cleft, Morgagni hernia, and ectopic liver: a unique chest wall anomaly.
Slone T, Emil S, Meissner N, Behjatnia B, Fairbanks T, Romansky S

Fibroblast growth factor 10 is required for survival and proliferation but not differentiation of intestinal epithelial progenitor cells during murine colon development.
Sala FG, Curtis JL, Veltmaat JM, Del Moral PM, Le LT, Fairbanks TJ, Warburton D, Ford H, Wang K, Burns RC, Bellusci S

The fibroblast growth factor pathway serves a regulatory role in proliferation and apoptosis in the pathogenesis of intestinal atresia.
Fairbanks TJ, Sala FG, Kanard R, Curtis JL, Del Moral PM, De Langhe S, Warburton D, Anderson KD, Bellusci S, Burns RC

Incarcerated vesicoinguinal hernia presenting with gross hematuria.
Huerta S, Fairbanks T, Cinat M

Colonic perforation in the first few hours of life associated with rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata.
Fairbanks T, Emil S

Colonic atresia without mesenteric vascular occlusion. The role of the fibroblast growth factor 10 signaling pathway.
Fairbanks TJ, Kanard RC, Del Moral PM, Sala FG, De Langhe SP, Lopez CA, Veltmaat JM, Warburton D, Anderson KD, Bellusci S, Burns RC

Fibroblast growth factor-10 serves a regulatory role in duodenal development.
Kanard RC, Fairbanks TJ, De Langhe SP, Sala FG, Del Moral PM, Lopez CA, Warburton D, Anderson KD, Bellusci S, Burns RC

Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) reveals that fibronectin is a major target of Wnt signaling in branching morphogenesis of the mouse embryonic lung.
De Langhe SP, Sala FG, Del Moral PM, Fairbanks TJ, Yamada KM, Warburton D, Burns RC, Bellusci S

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