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Lab Test Dictionary

Asparaginase Assay


Coupled Enzymatic Assay



Specimen Type

Serum or Plasma

Performing Lab

Next Molecular Analytics

Epic ID


Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

1 Day

Collection Information

Specimen Required

1-2 mL Blood

Container Type

Lavender (EDTA)

Collection Instructions

After collection, invert the tube gently 4 times to mix the blood with the EDTA ( no longer than one minute after drawing the sample). Place tube on ice immediately after mixing (no longer than one minute after gently mixing the blood with the EDTA). Plasma collected in lithium or sodium heparin (green-top) tube is also acceptable. Serum collected in a (red-top) or SST tube is also acceptable but DOES NOT need to be placed on ice after collection.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp=Unacceptable; Refrigerated=7 Days (Preferred); Frozen=Indefinite

Test Volume Required

1 mL Serum or Plasma

Minimum Test Volume

0.3 mL Serum or Plasma

Processing Instructions

Plasma: Centrifuge the tube immediately (within 15 minutes after blood collection), in a refrigerated centrifuge at a speed of approximately 3,000 rpm for 5 minutes. Transfer plasma within 5 minutes after centrifugation. Serum: Allow blood to clot at room temperature for a minimum of 30, but not longer than 60 minutes. Centrifuge the tube at approximately 3,000 rpm for 15 minutes. Avoid contaminating serum with red blood cells. Complete a Next Molecular Analytics requisition, include ICD-10 code, dosage, and drug administered, and submit with specimen refrigerated Monday-Thursday only, no weekends or holidays.

CPT Codes