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Lab Test Dictionary

B Cell Subset Analysis (3002216)


Flow Cytometry (FC)


CVID; Memory B-cells; B-Cell Memory and Naïve Panel

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Performing Lab


Epic ID


Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

1-3 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

2-4 mL Whole Blood

Container Type

Lavender (EDTA)

Collection Instructions

Collect Monday-Friday 0800-1300 only, no weekends or holidays. Specimens must be analyzed within 48 hours of collection.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp=Unacceptable; Refrigerated=48 Hours; Frozen=Unacceptable

Rejection Criteria

Clotted; Hemolyzed

Test Volume Required

4 mL Whole Blood

Minimum Test Volume

2 mL Whole Blood

Processing Instructions

Complete an ARUP requisition and submit with specimen refrigerated. Call Apollo Courier Service for pick up Monday-Friday. Specimens must be analyzed within 48 hours of collection.

Included Tests

CD20, CD%, Activated CD21low CD38, Activated CD21low CD38, Plasmablasts CD38 IgM; Plasmablasts CD38 IgM %, CD19 B cells; CD19 B cells %, Non switched CD27 IgD IgM, Non switched CD27 IgD IgM %, Class-switched CD27 IgD IgM, Class-switched CD27 IgD IgM %, Total Memory CD27, Total Memory CD27 %, Transitional CD38 IgM and Transitional CD38 IgM %.

CPT Codes

86355, 86356 (x6)