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Lab Test Dictionary

Blood Gas, Capillary


Capillary blood gas

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Performing Lab

RCHSD Chemistry

Epic ID


Lab Test Days

As received

Standard TAT

15 min

Stat TAT

10 min

Collection Information

Specimen Required

0.2 ml whole blood

Container Type

Capillary Tube

Collection Instructions

**DO NOT SEND VIA TUBE SYSTEM** Use heparinized capillary tubes with capillary caps, (Respiratory Therapy or NICU). There should be no or minimal exposure to atmospheric air during collection. Expel any air bubbles before capping the capillary tube, labe with pt ID, place on ice and deliver to Lab immediately accompanied by a blood gas req. CAPILLARY BLOOD GAS - Includes PH, PO2 and PCO2 CAPILLARY BLOOD GAS PANEL - Available for Point of Care testing only : Requires 0.2 ml also, and includes PH, PO2, PCO2, electrolytes, HGB

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Test Volume Required

0.2 ml heparinized blood (on ice)

Minimum Test Volume

0.2 ml heparinized blood (on ice)