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Lab Test Dictionary

Coenzyme Q10, Reduced and Total, Plasma (Q10)


High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Electrochemical Detection

Specimen Type


Performing Lab

Mayo Medical Lab

Epic ID

Other Reference Test

Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

5 days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

Patient Preparation: Fasting (8hours)

Container Type

Dark Green (Lithium Heparin)

Collection Instructions

Green top (lithium or sodium heparin). Submission container/tube: Plastic vial. immediately after collection, place specimen on wet ice, and process within 3 hours of collection. Centrifuge, aliquot plasma into plastic vial and freeze immediately.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp=Unacceptable; Refrigerated=8 Hours; Frozen (preferred)=14 Days

Rejection Criteria

Gross hemolysis, Gross lipemia

Test Volume Required

.10mL of Plasma

Minimum Test Volume

.3mL of plasma

Processing Instructions

Order in Mayolink and send with Mayo courier Monday-Friday.

CPT Codes