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DAT Negative Hemolytic Anemia Evaluation (3111)




Super Coombs

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Performing Lab

Versiti Wisconsin Immunohematology

Epic ID

Other Reference Test

Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

3 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

3-7 mL Blood in a (red-top) tube ***and*** 2-5 mL Whole Blood in an EDTA (lavender-top) tube

Container Type

See Below

Collection Instructions

3-7 mL Blood collected in a (red-top) tube ***and*** 2-5 mL Whole Blood collected in an EDTA (lavender-top) tube.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp=Unacceptable; Refrigerated=7 Days; Frozen=Unacceptable

Test Volume Required

7 mL Blood ***and*** 5 mL Whole Blood

Minimum Test Volume

3 mL Blood ***and*** 2 mL Whole Blood

Processing Instructions

Complete a Versiti Wisconsin Immunohemtology requisition and submit with specimens refrigerated Monday-Friday, ok for Saturday delivery. Physician must complete the Clinical History section on requisition.

Included Tests

ABO/Rh, Direct Antiglobulin Tests (including IgA detection), Elution (routine and enhanced), and antibody detection tests (routine and enhanced). Additional tests as necessary based upon results determined by Immunohematology Reference Lab.

CPT Codes

86880 (x8), 86860, 86850 (x5), 86900, 86901, 86870