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Lab Test Dictionary

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) 2 Hour Expanded with 90 Minute

Specimen Type


Performing Lab

RCHSD Chemistry

Epic ID


Lab Test Days

As Received

Collection Information

Specimen Required

1 mL Blood for each timed collection

Container Type

Light Green (Lithium Heparin PST)

Collection Instructions

Must schedule an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Patient must be fasting at least 8 hours prior to collection. Collect an initial fasting specimen and send to lab STAT to determine if glucola is appropriate to administer to patient or to cancel any further testing. If determined to proceed with testing and the glucola has been administered to the patient, collect blood at 30 minutes post, at 1 hour post, at 1 1/2 hours post and at 2 hours post glucola intake.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Test Volume Required

0.5 mL Plasma

Minimum Test Volume

0.3 mL Plasma

CPT Codes

82951, 82952 (x2)