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Lab Test Dictionary

Hemostasis Panel A


Clotting Assay; Automated Immunoturbidimetric Assay

Specimen Type


Performing Lab

UCSD Special Coag

Epic ID


Lab Test Days


Stat TAT

Call Lab

Collection Information

Specimen Required

(Two) 1.8 mL or (Two) 2.7 mL Blood

Container Type

Light Blue (Sodium Citrate)

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp: 2 Hours; Refrigerated: 4 Hours;; Frozen: 6 Months

Rejection Criteria

Hemolysis; Clotted; Improper line draw; Hematocrit >56; Other Thrombin Inhibitors

Test Volume Required

(Two) 1.35 mL Platelet Poor Plasma

Minimum Test Volume

(Two) 1 mL Platelet Poor Plasma

Processing Instructions

Centrifuge for 15 minutes and separate plasma. Centrifuge a second time and separate to send platelet poor plasma. Complete a UCSD Special Coag requisition and place specimen in the -70 freezer for routine courier pick-up Monday-Friday at 0700. If ordered STAT, call UCSD Special Coag to see if they will run it STAT, and if so, call Dynamex for a rush pick up Monday-Friday ONLY 0800-1430.

Included Tests

PT/INR, aPTT, Factor VIII, von Willebrand Antigen and Activity. If aPTT is prolonged, they will also run aPTT 1:1 mix, Factor IX, Factor XI and Factor XII.

CPT Codes

85610, 85730, 85240, 85245, 85246