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Lab Test Dictionary

Karius Test


Plasma-Based Next Generation Sequencing


Karius Digital Culture

Specimen Type


Performing Lab


Epic ID


Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

2 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

3-4 mL Blood

Container Type

White Plasma Preparation Tube (PPT)

Collection Instructions

White Plasma Preparation Tube (PPT) is located in send out cupboard in lab. Call lab for tube. 3-4 mL Blood collected in an EDTA (K2) (lavender-top) tube is also acceptable, if PPT is not available. Infectious Disease approval is required.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Specimen Stability

Room Temp: 4 Days; Refrigerated: Unacceptable; Frozen: >4 Days

Test Volume Required

2 mL Plasma

Minimum Test Volume

1.2 mL Plasma (0.7 mL minimum for Infants/no repeat testing)

Processing Instructions

Separate plasma within 6 hours of collection. Spin PPT or K2-EDTA blood tube for 10 minutes at room temp. Keep plasma in PPT. For K2-EDTA blood tube, use a sterile transfer pipette to transfer plasma to a sterile tube labeled with two identifiers. A Sterile polypropylene tube is required. Do not disturb the buffy coat: leave a small amount of plasma behind. If cells are visible in the plasma or if the buffy coat was disrupted, spin the plasma again and transfer into a new sterile tube. Infectious Disease approval is required. Create a Karius requisition. Submit completed Karius requisition and submit with specimen room temp or frozen. Ok to ship Friday for Saturday delivery. If specimen is not able to be shipped within 2-3 days of collection, freeze spun down PPT tube or EDTA (lavender-top) plasma in a sterile screw-capped vial and ship frozen.


Infectious Disease approval is required.

CPT Codes

87507, 87633, 87798 (x13)