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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex PCR, Non-Respiratory (**PCR ONLY**) (30277)


Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)


MTB; AFB; Acid Fast Bacili; Mycobacteria; Mycobacterial; MTB; TB

Specimen Type

See Collection Instructions

Performing Lab

Quest Diagnostics San Juan Capistrano

Epic ID


Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

1-3 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

1-3 mL CSF or 5-10 mL Urine

Container Type

Sterile Container

Collection Instructions

5-10 mL gastric lavage/aspirate collect an early morning specimen, before food or water intake, in a sterile leak-proof container. Separate specimens collected on 3 consecutive days are recommended ; 2-5 mL pericardial fluid, peritoneal fluid, pleural fluid collected in a sterile leak-proof container; 2 grams fresh (unfixed) tissue collected in a sterile leak-proof container; or 1-3 mL whole blood collected in an EDTA (lavender-top) or ACD (yellow-top) tube is also acceptable.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp: Unacceptable; Refrigerated: 5 Days; Frozen: 30 Days

Rejection Criteria

Un-neutralized gastric lavage/aspirate; Stool

Processing Instructions

Gastric lavage/aspirate: Must be neutralized (pH 6.5-7.5) with sodium bicarbonate within 4 hours of collection. Non-neutralized specimens are not acceptable. Separate specimens collected on 3 consecutive days are recommended. Indicate source in comments, on specimen and on batch sheet.

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