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Lab Test Dictionary

RBC Membrane Evaluation, Blood (RBCME)


Consultative Interp; Osmotic Lysis; Flow Cytometry; Consultant Review


Red Blood Cell Membrane Evaluation, Blood; Band 3; EMA (Eosin-5-maleimide) Binding; Osmotic Fragility; Hereditary spherocytosis; Hereditary pyropoikilocytosis

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Performing Lab

Mayo Medical Lab

Epic ID

Other Reference Test

Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

4-7 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

2-4 mL Whole Blood

Container Type

Lavender (EDTA)

Collection Instructions

Collect Monday-Friday only between 0800-1300, no weekends or holidays. Immediately refrigerated specimen after collection. Submit a completed Mayo Metabolic Hematology Patient Info form with specimen to lab with sample.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Specimen Stability

Room Temp: Unacceptable; Refrigerated: 72 Hours; Frozen: Unacceptable

Rejection Criteria

Gross hemolysis; Clotted

Test Volume Required

4 mL Whole Blood

Minimum Test Volume

2 mL Whole Blood

Processing Instructions

Immediately refrigerate specimens after collection. Collect 2-4 mL control specimen from a normal (healthy), unrelated, nonsmoking person at the same time as the patient in an EDTA (lavender-top) tube and label tube Normal Control. Have 2 well-made peripheral blood smears (wright stained or fixed in absolute methanol). Order in Mayolink. Ensure patient sample ***and *** control sample are labeled with the appropriate Mayo specimen labels. Submit completed Mayo Hematology Patient info form with specimens via Mayo courier Monday-Friday.

Included Tests

Band 3 Fluorescence Stain and Osmotic Fragility.


Insurance authorization is required prior to draw for Outpatients. Ok to send on Inpatients.

CPT Codes

85557, 88184; 85060