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Thrombophilia Screen II, Inherited (11327)

Specimen Type

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Performing Lab

Quest Diagnostics San Juan Capistrano

Epic ID


Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

2 Days

Collection Information

Specimen Required

1.8 mL (x3-4)-2.7 mL (x2-3) Blood in Sodium Citrated (light blue-top) ***and*** 5 mL Whole Blood in an EDTA (lavender-top) tubes

Container Type

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Collection Instructions

1.8 mL (x3-4)-2.7 mL (x2-3) Blood in Sodium Citrated (light blue-top) ***and*** 5 mL Whole Blood in an EDTA (lavender-top) tubes. Whole blood collected in an EDTA (royal blue-top) or ACD Solution B (yellow-top) tube is also acceptable.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Test Volume Required

1 mL (x3) Platelet-Poor Plasma ***and*** 5 mL Whole Blood

Minimum Test Volume

0.5 mL (x3) Platelet-Poor Plasma ***and*** 5 mL Whole Blood

Processing Instructions

Platelet-poor plasma: Centrifuge light blue-top tube 15 minutes at approximately 1500 g within 60 minutes of collection. Using a plastic pipette, remove plasma, taking care ot avoid the WBC/platelet buffy layer and place into a plastic vial. Centrifuge a second time and transfer platelet-poor plasma into a new plastic vial. Plasma must be free of platelets (<10,000/mcl). Freeze immediately and send frozen.

Included Tests

Factor V Leiden Mutation with Reflex to HR2 Mutation Analysis, Prothrombin Factor II 20210G Mutation, Antithrombin III Activity (AT3), Protein C Activity, Protein S Antigen Free. If Factor V Leiden is "Heterozygous for the R506Q" mutation, HR2 Mutation Analysis will be performed.


Insurance authorization required prior to draw for outpatients. Ok to send on inpatients.

CPT Codes

85300, 85303, 85306, 81240, 81241; 81400 (Outpatients need auth for 81240, 81241, 81400)