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Lab Test Dictionary

Tzanck Prep

Specimen Type

See Collection Instructions

Performing Lab

RCHSD Histology

Lab Test Days

As received

Standard TAT

1-3 Days

Stat TAT

1 Hour

Collection Information

Specimen Required

Scrapings from lesion

Container Type

See Below

Collection Instructions

OBTAIN TZANCK KIT FROM LAB. Label slides in pencil with patient name and date of birth Complete Pathology services request card & submit with specimen Physician collects scrapings & immediately immerses slides in 95% ethanol (in Tzanck Kit)

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Test Volume Required

1 fixed slide per scraping

Processing Instructions

Mon-Fri 0600-1400, Place Tzanck kit in CSF-Cytology bin; call Histology After hours, weekends/holidays: NOTIFY PATHOLOGIST ON CALL if requested STAT. If not requested STAT, send to Histology for routine processing. If not sure if the Tzanck prep is requested STAT, check with the ordering physician.