Carla Demeterco-Berggren, M.D., Ph.D.




Rady Children's Specialists of San Diego

Medical Group / IPA

Rady Children's Specialists

Medical School

Universidade Federal Do Parana


Hospital das Clinicas, University of California San Diego-Hospital


University of California San Diego-Hospital

Board Certifications

Endocrinology/Diabetes, Pediatrics




Thyrotoxic, hypokalemic periodic paralysis (THPP) in adolescents.
Al-Zubeidi H, Demeterco C, Jones KL

Adult human beta-cell neogenesis?
Demeterco C, Hao E, Lee SH, Itkin-Ansari P, Levine F

Islet specific Wnt activation in human type II diabetes.
Lee SH, Demeterco C, Geron I, Abrahamsson A, Levine F, Itkin-Ansari P

NeuroD1 in the endocrine pancreas: localization and dual function as an activator and repressor.
Itkin-Ansari P, Marcora E, Geron I, Tyrberg B, Demeterco C, Hao E, Padilla C, Ratineau C, Leiter A, Lee JE, Levine F

Cell-based therapies for diabetes: progress towards a transplantable human beta cell line.
Itkin-Ansari P, Geron I, Hao E, Demeterco C, Tyrberg B, Levine F

c-Myc controls proliferation versus differentiation in human pancreatic endocrine cells.
Demeterco C, Itkin-Ansari P, Tyrberg B, Ford LP, Jarvis RA, Levine F

Beta-cell differentiation from a human pancreatic cell line in vitro and in vivo.
de la Tour D, Halvorsen T, Demeterco C, Tyrberg B, Itkin-Ansari P, Loy M, Yoo SJ, Hao E, Bossie S, Levine F

Gene therapy for diabetes.
Demeterco C, Levine F

A role for activin A and betacellulin in human fetal pancreatic cell differentiation and growth.
Demeterco C, Beattie GM, Dib SA, Lopez AD, Hayek A

PDX-1 and cell-cell contact act in synergy to promote delta-cell development in a human pancreatic endocrine precursor cell line.
Itkin-Ansari P, Demeterco C, Bossie S, de la Tour DD, Beattie GM, Movassat J, Mally MI, Hayek A, Levine F

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