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Can You Get Mono From Just a Quick Kiss?

Can you get mono from just a peckand if his/her lips are wet during the kiss and you lick your lips afterward?

Yes, it is possible to get mono even from just a quick peck on the lips. That’s because the virus is carried in saliva. So it can be spread through any contact with saliva — even from sharing forks, spoons, drinking straws, cups, or lip balm and lipstick.

If you kissed or shared a drink with someone who has mono, it doesn’t mean you will definitely get mono yourself. But because the virus is so contagious, it’s a good idea to avoid kissing or sharing utensils or cosmetics with a person who is sick or may have mono or who recently had it. (Mono can also be spread before people even know that they have it.)

If you do get symptoms of mono — such as fever, sore throat, and tiredness — call your doctor.

Reviewed by: Elana P. Ben Joseph, MD
Date reviewed: February 2013

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