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Do Computer Monitors Have Any Effect on Pregnancy?

Is it true that computer monitors emit radiation? I’m pregnant and have a desk job working on a computer all dayhelp!

There’s been speculation since the 1980s that computer monitors (also called video display terminals, or VDTs) are unsafe for pregnant women because of low levels of radiation (electromagnetic fields). However, there is no evidence that computer monitors cause any problems in unborn babies.

So before you quit your office job or sit 10 feet away from the screen using a pool stick to type, rest assured that computer monitors are OK.

However, sitting in front of the computer all day can strain your eyes, cause back pain, and make varicose veins worse. So be sure to take frequent breaks, walk around, and stretch your legs during the day.

Reviewed by: Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD
Date reviewed: October 2012