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Our Comprehensive Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Center has an active research program to identify risk factors for CDH, investigate potential new treatments and better understand its cause. By working to make these discoveries, we seek to improve the lives of CDH patients.

Cutting-edge Genomic Research

One of the main areas of study is the genetic cause of the malformation and the mechanisms responsible for lung and pulmonary vascular defects associated with CDH. Despite the frequency and severity of CDH, these causes are poorly understood.

To conduct this research, David McCulley, M.D., uses laboratory investigations as well as whole-genome sequencing in patients with CDH. Additionally, he collaborates with lung and pulmonary vascular physiologists to determine the functional consequences of the genetic mutations he has identified in patients.

By identifying the underlying mechanisms of abnormal development, Dr. McCulley seeks to discover new therapeutic approaches that improve fetal and early postnatal lung development and function in patients with CDH.


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