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Developmental Screening & Enhancement Program (DSEP)

Our Mission: To ensure early identification of needs and access to needed early intervention and mental health services so children can reach their fullest developmental potential.

The Developmental Screening and Enhancement Program (DSEP) provides developmental and behavioral screenings for all children involved with Child Welfare Services, from birth to 6 years old. We work as a team with children’s birth parents, caregivers and social workers to identify any areas of concern, and develop a care plan to address any developmental or social-emotional needs.

Our goal is to identify potential developmental and behavioral concerns and to help children access recommended services. We automatically receive referrals directly from Child Welfare Services.

DSEP Services

  • Developmental and Social-Emotional Screenings
  • Case Management
  • Child & Family Team Meetings
  • Behavior Support
  • Child Enrichment & Infant Massage
  • Staff Support at Polinsky Children’s Center
  • DSEP at Child Welfare Services

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DSEP is a collaborative effort that is supported by funds from the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency.

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