Center for Gender-Affirming Care

The Center for Gender-Affirming Care, under the direction of Maja Marinkovic, M.D., and Ron Newfield, M.D., treats children and adolescents with gender dysphoria and related issues. We strongly believe that these children deserve to have a medical home at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

Gender dysphoria is a medical condition in which there is deep emotional distress; this results when one’s biological sex and gender identity do not match. Being transgender or gender incongruent is not a mental health problem. However, some transgender individuals have co-existing conditions, such as anxiety or depression.

Gender diverse children are frequently discriminated against and may not get support and understanding from peers, friends and families. Finding care providers that are knowledgeable and familiar with the treatment can be challenging as well.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, up-to-date care and support to transgender and gender diverse youth and their families. We extensively collaborate with local therapists who are experienced in assessing and managing the condition.

While our treatment of gender dysphoria is based on the current guidelines from the Endocrine Society (J Clin Endocrinol Metab– November, 2017 102(11):1-35) and World Professional Association of Transgender Health -WPATH (Int J Transgender, 13:165–232, 2011), care individualized to best meet the specific needs of each patient.

Gender-affirming care includes:

  • Pubertal suppression, when indicated
  • Appropriate hormone treatments
  • Referrals to appropriate reproductive health specialists
  • Referrals to surgical specialists
  • Referrals to other relevant specialists (Dermatology, Hematology)
  • Assistance with legal name change
  • Resources for transgender youth and their families
  • Ongoing mental health support through the clinic (provided by Janelle Pineda, LMFT)
  • Voice therapy and coaching at Rady Children’s Hospital
  • Ongoing education for the community, medical and mental health providers

We welcome new families. To schedule a consultation, please contact the administrative assistant, Claudia Juarez (also fluent in Spanish), at 858-966-4032, ext. 5.

In the News

Team members at GeM Family Day 2017 (from left): Olga Marquez, PAR, Sandra Martinez, M.A., Dr. Maja Marinkovic, Heather Trevino, M.A., and L.A. Ortanez, PAR

Support Trans Youth

You can help ensure that transgender and gender diverse children and youth receive the care they deserve with your charitable contribution. Contact the Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation at 858-966-7878 or email to learn about philanthropic opportunities in the Center for Gender-Affirming Care.