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Dr. Amanda Gosman is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Rady Children's Hospital San-Diego, a professor of plastic surgery at UC San Diego School of Medicine, and chief of pediatric plastic surgery at UC San Diego.

She is also director of the UC San Diego Plastic Surgery Residency Program and Craniofacial Fellowship and of the Fresh Start Clinic for Craniofacial Anomalies at Rady Children's, where in addition to her busy surgical practice, she volunteers to perform free reconstructive surgery for patients at the Hospital.

Following her plastic surgery training at the University of Texas, Southwestern (UTSW) Medical Center, she completed advanced training in craniofacial/ pediatric plastic surgery at UTSW and international plastic surgery with Interplast (now Resurge).

Dr. Gosman's clinical interests are cleft lip and palate surgery, pediatric and adult craniofacial surgery, microsurgical facial reanimation, breast reconstruction and aesthetic surgery. Her research focus is on cleft lip and palate, plastic surgery outcomes, telemedicine, and international health.

Dr. Gosman has extensive experience providing healthcare and education to underserved communities around the world. She has successfully utilized telemedicine technology to overcome logistical barriers to international healthcare and education through ConnectMed International, a non-profit organization that she founded in 2010 to provide free reconstructive surgery and education to underserved communities around the world.

Dr. Gosman has authored multiple publications and given lectures internationally on cleft lip and palate surgery, breast surgery, plastic surgery safety and outcomes, international health, and telemedicine. Additionally, she has received many awards for her commitment to improving the healthcare of children and adults in her community and around the world.


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