Health Alerts

Health Alerts

We’d like to reassure parents that there are no confirmed coronavirus cases at Rady Children’s and that there is no exposure risk at the Hospital, our clinics or satellite locations. Parents should feel confident making and keeping their appointments and utilizing our services as usual. Rady Children’s medical team is fully prepared to handle any infectious diseases that may be in the community.


Coronavirus Preparation at Rady Children’s

Dr. John Bradley discusses the risks of coronavirus and explains why parents in the U.S. should not be too concerned.

Rady Children’s has a comprehensive plan in place that addresses how we respond to an infectious outbreak like the coronavirus.

Here are some ways that Rady Children’s is taking action:

  • We have a core team of experts who plan for infectious outbreaks and work in close collaboration with our San Diego County partners in public health.
  • We quickly identify patients who may be infected and then immediately isolate them from other patients and families.
  • Staff wear the correct personal protective gear and follow established practices, including excellent hand hygiene.
  • We participate in calls with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and communicate directly with our local health department on any potential pediatric cases.

We are confident in our plan to take care of coronavirus patients as we have with other recent outbreaks of measles, mumps, pertussis and H1N1.

As more cases are identified in the United States and specifically San Diego, you can keep yourself and family safe by using common sense: use good hand hygiene, practice cough etiquette (use a facial tissue or your elbow when coughing and encouraging others to do the same), and get plenty of rest, exercise, and nutrition. These actions can help you and your family stay healthy with any virus circulating in the community.

Coronavirus: Article from KidsHealth


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