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Dr. Bob Geng is an allergist/immunologist at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and an assistant clinical professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Dr. Geng earned his bachelors and masters degrees from Georgetown University. He then received his medical degree and residency training at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis before completing a fellowship in allergy and immunology at UC Los Angeles. He is board certified in internal medicine, allergy and immunology and clinical pharmacology.

Dr. Geng sees both pediatric and adult patients for allergic and immunologic conditions. He has a special interest in allergic conditions of the upper and lower airways as well as primary immunodeficiency disorders in both children and adults. In addition to general allergy clinics, he currently has a monthly immunology clinic focusing on primary immunodeficiency as well as a monthly Severe Asthma Clinic focusing on difficult-to-manage pediatric asthma patients.

Given his background in clinical pharmacology, Dr. Geng has an interest in clinical research, particularly in bringing novel and advanced therapies to children with allergic and immunologic disorders. He is currently conducting several clinical trials in moderate to severe asthma and primary immunodeficiency. Please contact him if you have any interest in having your child participate in any clinical studies.


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