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Dr. Kyung (Kay) Rhee is the medical director of the Medical Behavioral Unit, which treats children and teens with eating disorders. She is also the research director of the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine and a professor of clinical pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine.

Dr. Rhee earned her bachelor's degree in human biology and master's in sociology at Stanford University before earning her medical degree at Temple University School of Medicine. After completing her pediatric residency and chief residency at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, she went on to complete an academic general pediatrics fellowship at Boston Medical Center, with a focus on childhood obesity. While there, she earned her MSc in epidemiology at the Boston University School of Public Health.

Dr. Rhee is trained in family-based behavioral treatment of childhood obesity and motivational interviewing. Her research focuses on developing new and effective forms of treatment for childhood obesity. She also has several projects in the community that focus on increasing access to obesity treatment and prevention efforts, spanning infancy to adolescence.

Along with having several peer-reviewed articles on the role of parenting in childhood obesity and parent feeding behaviors, she lectures on this topic as well.


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