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Is It OK for Kids to Sleep After a Possible Concussion?

Do I Need to Keep Waking My Child After a Possible Concussion?

Any child who might have a concussion should be checked out by their doctor or at the emergency room (ER).

In the past, doctors recommended that parents regularly wake up kids after a concussion to make sure they were OK. Now they recommend letting kids rest and sleep as needed after a head injury. This can speed healing of the brain.

When Should I Call the Doctor?

If your child was diagnosed with a concussion, call the doctor if your child:

  • is not back in school by 5 days after the concussion
  • has symptoms (such as headache, vomiting, confusion, or dizziness) that aren’t getting better or get worse
  • passes out

Go to the ER or call 911 if your child is extremely sleepy and you can’t wake them or they have a seizure.

Concussion symptoms usually happen right away, but sometimes don’t show up until hours or days after an injury. You know your child best. If you see any signs that concern you, call your doctor.