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Lab Test Dictionary

Infant Botulism



Specimen Type


Performing Lab

CA Dept of Public Health Infant Botulism Lab

Epic ID

Other Referenct Test

Lab Test Days


Standard TAT

24-96 Hours

Collection Information

Specimen Required

0.2-5 g Stool, enema, or rectal wash

Container Type

Sterile Container

Collection Instructions

Phsycians seeking testing for their patients should fist call the IBTPP on-call physician at (510) 231-7600 prior to specimen submission to provide case information and review indications for testing. Testing will not be initiated without clinical consultation with IBTPP on-call physician.

Processing Information - Lab Use Only

Transport Temperature


Rejection Criteria

Containers containing fixatives

Test Volume Required

5 g Stool

Minimum Test Volume

0.2 g Stool or 5mL Enema Stool

Processing Instructions

Complete a Laboratory Universal send out requisition and submit with specimen refrigerated Monday-Thursday only, no weekends or holidays. Keep the specimen refrigerated at all time. DO NOT FREEZE. Ship the specimen in a styrofoam box with cold-packs. DO NOT USE DRY ICE. Do not delay shipping (even if specimen is of small quantity or appears dilute)-definitive diagnosis of the patient requires promt laboratory analysis. Additional specimens may be requested if necessary. Call Infant Botulism Laboratory at 510-231-7676 with any questions regarding specimen quantity or quality. Expedite the specimen via "Priority Overnight" (FedEx) or equivalent shipping. Please visit websit for more information.