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Oliver & Judah: Identical in Every Way

The boys at Rady Children’s 2016 Joy of Sound event

Shortly after they were born, identical twins Judah and Oliver were diagnosed by Rady Children’s Audiology Department with bilateral auditory neuropathy and profound hearing loss. After trying hearing aids and coming to Developmental Services weekly for hearing tests, along with speech and developmental evaluations, cochlear implants were recommended.

Parents Andrew and Rachel had initially brought their boys to Rady Children’s after receiving conflicting test results from their birth hospital. Both Judah and Oliver had failed their initial newborn hearing screening but passed their re-screening test. Rady Children’s Audiology Department gave them a full audiologic evaluation.

The twins underwent cochlear implant surgery, and a few months after their first birthday, the devices were ready to be activated. When this took place, more than 20 family members and friends joined Andrew and Rachel for this momentous event.

The boys sat in high chairs, back to back, and the implants were activated. Judah and Oliver turned, and then looked at each other.  They could hear. It was amazing.

Now 2 ½ years old, the boys are making incredible progress, and there’s no stopping what they can accomplish in the future. Rady Children’s is happy to be part of their journey.

Published June 2017