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Audiology (Hearing)

Hearing Milestones

(From the California Newborn Hearing Screening Program)

Birth to 3 months

  • Quiets to familiar voices or sounds
  • Reacts to loud sounds
  • Makes soft sounds when awake

3 to 6 months

  • Turns eyes or head toward sounds
  • Reacts to a change in the tone of your voice

6 to 9 months

  • Responds to own name and looks when called
  • Understands simple words, such as "no," "bye-bye" or "juice"

9 to 12 months

  • Responds to both soft or loud sounds
  • Repeats single words and imitates animal sounds
  • Points to favorite toys or foods when asked

12 to 18 months

  • Uses 10 or more words
  • Follows simple spoken directions, "Get the ball"
  • Points to people, body parts or toys when asked
  • Bounces to music

18 to 24 months

  • Uses 20 or more words
  • Combines two or more words, such as "more juice" or  "what’s that?"
  • Uses many different consonant sounds at beginning of words
  • Listens to simple stories and songs

2 to 3 years

  • Uses two- to three-word sentences
  • Follows two-step instructions, such as "get the ball and put it on the table"