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Health Champions LogoTo implement Health Champions at your school or organization, you will need to identify a facilitator to lead the program. The facilitator can download the Health Champions Program Guide from this website.

Recommendations for Success:

  1. Decide on dates and times to implement the Health Champions curriculum with a group of High School or Middle School age students. Then create an implementation plan (we recommend implementing at least six full sessions, 1 session per week)
  2. Download the Health Champions Program Guide for free.
  3. Follow the program guide and help your students become Health Champions!

The Guide includes everything you need to lead a group of participants through a series of weekly sessions. You will also find the Health Champions pre and post survey that you can use as a tool for measuring your program outcomes.

Operation FitKids Curriculum available

The American Council on Exercise® is serious about its initiative to educate today’s youth on the extreme dangers of being overweight and obese as well as engaging in daily fitness-based activities. This seven-lesson, free, online Operation FitKids™ curriculum is available for both the 3rd to 5th grade classroom level, as well as the 6th to 8th grade level. Although the lessons and their activities are presented in an independent fashion, you can integrate the lesson concepts into your existing curricula.

Download the Operation FitKids Curriculum here.

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