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Success Stories

Health Champions LogoNational City Summer Camp

Facilitators Michelle Miana and Maria Hernandez brought the Health Champions program to their National City Summer Camp. Campers enjoyed healthy snacks, fun classroom activities, interactive games including “steal the water bottle” and “healthy foods scavenger hunt”, as well as swimming and other outdoor activities. Students enjoyed the curriculum and activities so much that they decided to include physical activity throughout their day including doing jumping jacks while waiting for the bus to arrive. Facilitators working with younger 3rd and 4th grade campers used the Operation Fit Kids curriculum (also available on this website) to incorporate health topics and physical activity sessions into each day at camp.

“Our campers ranged from 3rd to 8th grade and all of them enjoyed the sessions. The curriculum was easy to follow and provided great resources including video clips, worksheets, and trivia game ideas. Our younger campers enjoyed learning about how to keep their hearts and bodies healthy, and our older campers enjoyed the lessons about advocating for healthier options in their communities and at their schools.”

-Maria Hernandez, Health Champions Facilitator, National City Summer Camp

HC - Success Stories

Grossmont High School, Cal-SAFE Program

The California School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE) program is designed to make necessary support services, such as child care, more available to expecting or parenting students. The program strives to improve the parenting skills and academic achievement of enrolled students.

The Grossmont Union High School District, Cal-SAFE Program Director uses the Health Champions curriculum in her Child Development class. The students learn about proper nutrition, participate in yoga sessions and eat healthy snacks.

“If students are advocates for being healthy, they will have an influence on their peers. Peer pressure on being healthy always works better than hearing it from someone who is not their same age.”

-Melissa Archibald, Health Champions Facilitator,
Grossmont High School, Cal-SAFE program

Hoover High School, Home Economics Class

Pam Dahlin at Hoover High School incorporates Health Champions into her Home Economics class. This allows the students to participate in more physical activity and learn about nutrition as they cook healthy meals together.

“Getting my students out for a little exercise really made a difference in how they focused in the classroom. If we could, they would have loved to make a good breakfast every morning. Biggest surprise…picking lettuce instead of a tortilla to make a healthy wrap.”

-Pam Dahlin, Health Champions Facilitator,
Hoover High School, Home Economics

San Diego American Indian Youth Center

The San Diego American Indian Youth Center serves youth, ages 10-22. After school, youth participate in a variety of activities and services offered at the Youth Center. The Youth Center’s staff incorporate Health Champions into their existing Health Circle program which teaches youth about all aspects of health, from proper nutrition to mental health.

“Obesity is already a cultural issue that our youth are aware of and it has come to have a level of acceptance. By putting a focus on a healthier lifestyle, it makes the topic more approachable.”

-Daniel Domaguin, Health Champions Facilitator,
San Diego American Indian Youth Center