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Feeding Team

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Rady Children’s Feeding Team was established in 1997 to evaluate and provide treatment for infants and children with complex feeding and swallowing problems. These children either refuse to eat or have extensive limitations in the type or texture of foods they will tolerate. Early identification and intervention for children who cannot or will not eat is a critical factor for helping them to develop to their full potential physically and emotionally.

Our expert team includes a gastroenterology nurse practitioner, speech therapist, occupational therapist, developmental psychologist and registered dietitian.

Services are provided for children between the developmental ages of 12 months and 12 years and their caregivers. These include caregiver education, a comprehensive evaluation and group treatment. Caregiver education begins prior to the evaluation, with a focus on nutritional intake, creating mealtime routines and encouraging positive interactions with food. This education is also built into each group treatment session.

Referral Process

The first step to initiate a referral to the Rady Children’s Feeding Team is to talk with your child’s primary care doctor (pediatrician). Once a referral is made, you will be contacted to discuss the referral and learn how to continue the process.