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Genetics / Dysmorphology


Born with the most common form of short-limbed dwarfism, Michael is a gifted athlete and leader among his peers. Read his inspiring story.


The Division of Genetics/Dysmorphology evaluates children with birth defects and/or genetic conditions and provides genetic counseling. Expert care is provided by the physicians of Rady Children’s Specialists of San Diego.

There are many reasons why your child’s doctor may have referred your child to this specialty: your child has symptoms or problems without a specific diagnosis; your child has a specific diagnosis, but you want more information about the condition or are interested in genetic counseling; or your child has a birth defect, such as cleft lip and palate, for which a specialist needs to direct and manage the treatment.

Our team includes both physicians and genetic counselors. Our physicians see children with clinical conditions that need diagnosis or management, and our genetic counselors work with families who have concerns based on their family history and/or are interested in genetic testing.

Working with multidisciplinary teams from other specialties, our physicians evaluate children in the following clinics and programs:

Our team is also available for consultations with physicians seven days a week.

Division Achievements:

Marilyn Jones, M.D., named recipient of the 2020 David Bixler Distinguished Scientist in Craniofacial Research Award, the highest scientific honor bestowed by the Society for Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology.

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